Senior Corps Programs

Foster Grandparent Program
State of Hawaii, Department of Human Services
Service Area: Hawaii Statewide
# of Volunteers: 104
The Foster Grandparent program, which began in 1965, provides loving and experienced tutors and mentors to children and youth with special needs. Working one-on-one, Foster Grandparents provide support in schools, hospitals, drug treatment centers, correctional institutions, and child care centers.
Contact: Derrick Ariyoshi
Phone: 808-832-5167

Senior Companion Program
State of Hawaii, Department of Human Services
Service Area: Hawaii Statewide
# of Volunteers: 94
The Senior Companion program, which began in 1974, helps frail seniors and other adults maintain independence, primarily in their own homes. Among other activities, Senior Companions assist with daily living tasks such as grocery shopping and bill paying; provide friendship and companionship; alert doctors and family members to potential problems; and provide respite to family caregivers.
Contact: Suzanne Hull
Phone: 808-832-0342

RSVP programs connect volunteers age 55 and over with service opportunities in their communities that match their skills and availability. From building houses to providing transportation to medical
appointments, from enhancing the capacity of non-profit organizations to improving and protecting the environment, RSVP volunteers put their unique talents to work to make a difference.

County of Hawaii, Office of Aging
Service Area: Hawaii County
# of Volunteers: 1,100
Contact: Kaui Paleka-Kama
Phone: 808-961-8730

County of Kauai, Agency on Elderly Affairs
Service Area: County of Kauai
# of Volunteers: 350
Contact: Celia Melchor-Questin
Phone: 808-241-4478

County of Maui, Department of Human Concern
Service Area: Maui County
# of Volunteers: 500
Contact: Dana Acosta
Phone: 808-270-7323

City & County of Honolulu, Department of Community Services
Service Area: City & County of Honolulu
# of Volunteers: 350
Contact: Remy Ruedos
Phone: 808-768-7778