Application Type Status Due to HCNCS for Review By Submit to Contact Info Notes
 Formula HI New Planning Grant March 28, 2024 11:59 PM HST eGrants Contact commission for more information.
 Formula HI New, Continuation, Re-Compete Program Grant March 28, 2024 11:59 PM HST eGrants Contact commission for more information.  Priority will be given to continuing programs. 
 Formula HI Notice of Selection May 2024
 Formula HI Issue of Awards August 2024


AmeriCorps Hawaii 2024-2025 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) & Application Instructions 

Please contact the commission at for more information.




AmeriCorps Hawaii 2023-2024 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) & Application Instructions – New & Continuation

New Applicants: AmeriCorps encourages organizations that have not received prior funding from AmeriCorps to apply New applicants are eligible to apply for the Cost Reimbursement and Education Award Program (EAP) grant but are not eligible to apply for Full Cost Fixed Amount grants. Please submit a Notice of Intent to Apply deadline February 1st, 2023.

Continuation Funding Information and Requirements: Organizations that have current awards that continue beyond FY 2021 must submit an application in order to be eligible to receive funding for the following year. Please see the Application Instructions, if applicable. Requests by existing continuation applicants for increases in the level of funding or number of positions will be assessed using the review criteria published in this Notice. The review will also be based on progress reports, the federal financial report, evaluation plans, and CNCS staff’s knowledge of the grant program. To be approved for continuation funding, recipients must demonstrate satisfactory performance with respect to key program goals and requirements, as well as compliance with the terms and conditions of the grant.

FY22 Match Waiver Overview and Process:  Click here

(Note: FY23 match waiver has not yet been determined if it will be available.)

AmeriCorps State FY23 (2023-2024) Funding Opportunity for New Applicants Only – Planning Grants

This funding opportunity provides planning grants to support organizations interested in engaging individuals as AmeriCorps members to help tackle community problems through service and volunteer action. This funding opportunity provides successful applicants with training and technical assistance and a federal planning grant up to $50,000 to design and develop new AmeriCorps programs that can address community problems and demonstrate impact through an evidence-informed or evidence-based approach.

This Planning Grant Guidance and Application Instructions document is necessary to complete the AmeriCorps Planning Grant Application.

2023-2024 Notice of Intent to Apply (For New Planning Grants and Formula Grants) 

2023-2024 Planning Grant Budget Instructions

2023-2024 Planning Grant Budget Template

2023-2024 Planning Grant Application & Instructions


AmeriCorps FY23 (2023-2024) State and National Competitive Grants 

*ASN Competitive NOFO: Click here.

*AmeriCorps Competitive Application instructions: Click here. 

*AmeriCorps Mandatory Supplemental Information:  Click here.

America’s Service Commissions is pleased to support the national service field by providing one form for multi-state applicants applying for an AmeriCorps grant to initiate their consultation with participating state service commissions. This consultation form can be used for the following FY 2023 AmeriCorps State and National Grant funding opportunities:
  • AmeriCorps competitive grants,
  • Public Health AmeriCorps grants, and
  • AmeriCorps Planning Grants
Why Consultation? 
As part of the Serve America Act, Consultation was established to help increase collaboration and coordination among national service programs, which in turn supports the efficient use of national service funds in each state. Consultation is a requirement outlined in the FY23 AmeriCorps State and National Notice of Funding Opportunity for new, recompete and continuation applicants.
State service commissions use the information provided through the Consultation process to provide input to the AmeriCorps Agency on funding decisions that may impact their state, as well as provide feedback/recommendations on the Planning Grants, Public Health AmeriCorps and National Direct applicants. AmeriCorps asks each commission to provide their input on each applicant proposing to place members in the state by selecting “support,” “neutral,” or “do not support,” along with any comments associated with the opinion submitted.
By completing the online form found here, multi-state applicants will initiate consultation for those participating commissions. Click here for a PDF of the form for your reference (please do not submit a completed PDF, use only the online form). 
This form and the accompanying requested documents are due in advance of the FY23 AmeriCorps State and National application deadline established by the AmeriCorps Agency: 
  • Wednesday, January 4, 2023
Consultation requirements may vary by state. Consultation is not completed unless you meet all the requirements by an individual state service commission. Upon completing this form, you may be contacted by the commission for additional information. When possible, it is encouraged that applicants initiate consultation with state service commissions as soon as possible.

AmeriCorps Funding Priorities

  • CNCS seeks to prioritize the investment of national service resources in the following areas:
  • Efforts to help local communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Applicants may propose programming in any CNCS focus area to aid communities as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Programs that actively engage in removing structural racial inequities, advancing racial equality, and increasing opportunity in order to achieve sustainable change in communities.
  • Economic Opportunity – a program model that increases economic opportunities for communities by preparing people for the workforce.
  • Education – see sixth bullet.
  • Healthy Futures – a program model that reduces and/or prevents prescription drug and opioid abuse.
  • Evidence-based interventions on the CNCS Evidence Exchange( that are assessed as having Moderate or Strong evidence.
  • Veterans and Military Families – a program model that positively impacts the quality of life of veterans and improves military family strength.
  • Rural intermediaries – organizations that demonstrate measurable impact and primarily serve rural communities with limited resources and organizational infrastructure.
  • Faith-based organizations.
  • Programs that reduce child poverty.
  • Environmental stewardship.
  • Economic Mobility Corps – a joint initiative with the Community Development FinancialInstitutions Fund to place national service members at Certified Community Development Financial Institutions to enhance their capacity to provide financial literacy, financial planning, budgeting, saving, and other financial counseling activities in distressed and underserved areas.


The AmeriCorps State and National Grants Competition will include a Clarification period. During the Clarification period, applicants may be asked for clarifying information regarding issues of significance, and may be asked for corrections or changes to elements of the application and budget. The AmeriCorps State and National Grants process also includes a Resolution period for successful applicants. During the Resolution period, which will occur after applicants have been notified of the results of the competition, successful applicants will make corrections or changes to elements of the application, including Performance Measures, and provide additional requested information. Although not all applications will receive requests for clarification, it is imperative that staff involved in the development and submission of the application be available to respond to clarification, if requested.Dates for these periods appear below. Single-state subapplicants should be aware that Commission Clarification periods may be shorter than those below.Clarification for New/Recompete Applicants: Coming Soon

Technical Assistance Information and Documents

If you are having technical difficulties with creating an account or preparing or submitting the application in eGrants, please contact the National Service Hotline at (800) 942-2677  or via Questions.For all other application questions, please contact

Technical Assistance Documents

AmeriCorps State and National have developed a webpage with resources for those interested in applying for AmeriCorps State and National grants. Please refer to Applying for AmeriCorps State and National Grants to find information on AmeriCorps.

Intro to AmeriCorps State and National (PDF)
AmeriCorps Key Terms (PDF)
Intro to AmeriCorps Members (PDF)
Categories of AmeriCorps Grants (PDF)
AmeriCorps Program Management and Design (PDF)
AmeriCorps Regulations 45 CFR Sections 2520-2550 (PDF)
Uniform Guidance Resources
How to Develop a Logic Model (PDF)How to Develop a Logic Model (PDF)
AmeriCorps Performance Measure Resources
Other AmeriCorps Performance Measure Resources (including Logic Models and Evaluation)
Evaluation Resources for AmeriCorps State and National


Multi-State (National Direct) Applicant Consultation

Prior to the submission of a grant application to the Corporation for National and Community Service, an organization proposing to operate an AmeriCorps program in two or more states is expected to consult with the State Commission of the state in which it intends to operate.  HCNCS is participating in the ASC National Direct Consultation single form to initiate and streamline consultation between multi-state applicants and state service commissions. Multi-state organizations proposing to operate in Hawai‘i must submit an online National Direct Consultation Form via the ASC National Direct Consultation single form


To discuss bringing the AmeriCorps State program to your organization, please contact: