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AmeriCorps State and National FY19 (2019-2020) Formula Funding Opportunity

The Corporation for National and Community Service and the Hawai‘i Commission for National and Community Service announces the availability of AmeriCorps*State Formula funds for the 2019-2020 program year.

AmeriCorps, “the domestic Peace Corps,” is a national service program, which engages Americans of all ages and backgrounds in team-based, results-driven service in the areas of public safety, education, literacy and tutoring, the environment, basic human needs and Homeland Security. In exchange for their service, AmeriCorps members receive a living stipend and an education award for post-secondary education expenses upon completion of their term of service.  AmeriCorps and the Hawai‘i Commission strive to strengthen citizenship and the ethic of service by assisting communities in addressing their toughest challenges.

Through the AmeriCorps Program Grant, agencies sponsor AmeriCorps members who serve to implement community service initiatives. Eligible agencies include community based non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, state and local government entities, and school districts. Agencies that apply must be able to demonstrate the capacity to administer a federal program, have a detailed plan of action, strong connections to the community it is planning to serve, a real need for the proposed service within the community, and the ability to raise the required matching funds.

All applications must be submitted to the Hawai‘i Commission for National and Community Service via eGrants by Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 5:00 PM Hawai‘i Time.  For new/recompeting programs, please also e-mail a 1 page summary of your program proposal to

2019 AmeriCorps Funding Priorities
In the FY 2019 AmeriCorps competition, CNCS seeks to prioritize the investment of national service resources in:

  • Economic Opportunity – increasing economic opportunities for communities by engaging opportunity youth to prepare them for the workforce.
  • Education – selection of one of the evidence-based interventions in three categories: School Readiness (three evidence-based interventions), K-12 success (nine evidence-based interventions), and Post-Secondary Support (one evidence-based intervention). In order to qualify for this priority, the applicants must be assessed as having Moderate or Strong evidence by the reviewers.
  • Healthy Futures – reducing and/or preventing prescription drug and opioid abuse.
  • Veterans and Military Families – positively impacting the quality of life of veterans and improving military family strength.
  • Rural intermediaries – organizations that demonstrate measureable impact and primarily serve rural communities with limited resources and organizational infrastructure.
  • Safer Communities – programs that focus on public safety, and/or partnerships between law enforcement and the community.
  • Faith-based organizations.

Application Deadline

The deadline to submit applications to HCNCS for the 2019 NOFO is Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Hawai‘i Time. Organizations that propose to operate in only Hawai‘i must apply through the Hawai‘i Commission for National and Community Service.

Funding Announcement, Mandatory Supplemental Guidance, and Application Instructions

2019 Notice of Funding Opportunity (PDF)
2019 Mandatory Supplemental Guidance (PDF)
2019 Application Instructions (PDF)

Performance Measure Instructions

2019 Performance Measure Instructions (PDF)
Tutorial for completing the Performance Measures screens in eGrants

Financial Management Survey (FMS)

Financial Management Survey (FMS) (PDF)


The AmeriCorps State and National Grants Competition will include a Clarification period not only with the Hawai‘i Commission, but also with the Corporation for National and Community Service. During the Clarification period, applicants may be asked for clarifying information regarding issues of significance, but will not generally be asked for corrections or changes to elements of the application, including Performance Measures. The AmeriCorps State and National Grants process also includes a Resolution period for successful applicants. It is during the Resolution period, which will occur after applicants have been notified of the results of the competition, that successful applicants will make corrections or changes to elements of the application, including Performance Measures, and provide additional requested information. Although not all applications will receive requests for clarification, it is imperative that staff involved in the development and submission of the application be available to respond to clarification, if requested.

There will be a Clarification Period with HCNCS staff May 1 – June 30, 2019.  You must have someone knowledgeable about your application available during this time.  Failure to respond to requests for additional information in a timely fashion will result in the removal of applications from consideration.

HCNCS Clarification for Continuation Applicants: May 1 – June 30, 2019

HCNCS Clarification for New/Recompete Applicants: May 1 – June 30, 2019

Technical Assistance Information and Documents

If you are having technical difficulties with creating an account or preparing or submitting the application in eGrants, please contact the National Service Hotline at (800) 942-2677 or via Questions.

For all other application questions, please contact

Technical Assistance Documents

AmeriCorps State and National has developed a webpage with resources for those interested in applying for AmeriCorps State and National grants. Please refer to Applying for AmeriCorps State and National Grants to find information on AmeriCorps.

Intro to AmeriCorps State and National (PDF)
AmeriCorps Key Terms (PDF)
Intro to AmeriCorps Members (PDF)
Categories of AmeriCorps Grants (PDF)
AmeriCorps Program Management and Design (PDF)
AmeriCorps Regulations 45 CFR Sections 2520-2550 (PDF)
Uniform Guidance Resources
How to Develop a Logic Model (PDF)How to Develop a Logic Model (PDF)
AmeriCorps Performance Measure Resources
Other AmeriCorps Performance Measure Resources (including Logic Models and Evaluation)
Evaluation Resources for AmeriCorps State and National

Technical Call Schedule

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For more information, please contact the Hawai‘i Commission staff at (808) 956-8145.  This Notice of Federal Funding Opportunity (Notice) should be read together with the AmeriCorps regulations 45 CFR Sections 2520 – 2550 and the Application Instructions.

2019-2020 Multi-State (National Direct) Applicant Consultation

Prior to submission of a grant application to the Corporation for National and Community Service, an organization proposing to operate an AmeriCorps program in two or more states is expected to consult with the State Commission of the state in which it intends to operate. Multi-state organizations proposing to operate in Hawai‘i must submit an online National Direct Consultation Form to HCNCS. This form must be received by 5:00 p.m. (HST) on January 5, 2019. Please e-mail the completed form to

Multi-State (National Direct) Consultation Form