Hawaii’s AmeriCorps*State programs are administered by the Hawai’i Commission for National and Community Service. Recognizing the state’s unique Hawaiian heritage and instilled with the values of many cultures and peoples, the Commission is guided by the principles of:

Manawaleʻa (to give freely),

Kākoʻo (to support, assist),

Kuahui (to cooperate, work together), and

Mālama (to care for, protect, honor, serve.)

AmeriCorps is designed to achieve direct results in addressing the nation’s critical education, human, public safety, and environmental needs at the community level. The program provides meaningful opportunities for Americans of all ages and backgrounds to serve their country in organized efforts, fostering civic responsibility, building community, and providing an educational opportunity for those who make a substantial commitment to service. The AmeriCorps Program is funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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