Members of the Hawai‘i Commission for National and Community Service are appointed by the Governor and serve three-year terms. Commission members represent various areas of expertise as required by the National and Community Service Trust Act. 



Nadine Nishioka | Chair
Affiliations: Non-profit
Expertise: Administration

Kai Duponte | Vice Chair
Affiliations: Education
Expertise: Human Needs

John Anderson, PhD
Affiliations: Education
Expertise: Human Needs

Perry Arrasmith
Affiliations: Volunteer Sector
Expertise: Youth Voice

Janice Bond
Affiliations: Volunteer Sector | Education | Senior Programs
Expertise: Public Relations | Volunteer Sector

Jennifer Li Dotson
Affiliations: Volunteer Sector | Non-Profit
Expertise: Corporate & Foundation Fundraising | Public Relations | Workforce Development

Fred Holschuh, MD
Affiliations: Health | Government
Expertise: Physician

Monique Mironesco
Affiliations: Education | Environmental Program
Expertise: Volunteer Sector | Higher Education

Raga Nadella
AmeriCorps Ex-Officio

Christina Kishimoto, PhD
Affiliations: Education | State Education Agency
Expertise: Administration

Sylvia Yuen, PhD
Affiliations: Education
Expertise: Higher Education


To apply to be a Commissioner for the Hawai‘i Commission for National and Community Service: Click on the “University of Hawaiʻi” link at the bottom of the list here.  Then choose “NATIONAL and COMMUNITY SERVICE, Hawai’i Commission for” and hit “Submit.”