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    National Service Criminal History Check Rule Takes Effect

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    Monday, Nov. 1 Deadline Reminder

    The National Service Criminal History Check rule, effective May 1, 2021, applies to covered individuals who began work or service on or after this date and who are required to complete the national service criminal history checks.

    Individuals covered by the rule who started work or service prior to May 1, 2021, and who will remain in work or service after Monday, Nov. 1, 2021, must complete a national service criminal history check that complies with the final rule by Monday, Nov. 1, 2021.

    Michigan Joins the National Fingerprint File Program

    Michigan recently joined the National Fingerprint File Program and the state is now included in the National Fingerprint File Pre-Approved Waiver. This update and additional information about the National Fingerprint File Program can be found in the National Service Criminal History Check Manual.

    Clarification of Fieldprint Customer Service Contacts

    Please note there are two separate customer service contacts for Fieldprint. Grantees should ensure they use the correct contact to prevent delays. AmeriCorps clarified these contacts under the Quick Links section of the Knowledge Network, and will reflect this clarification in the upcoming version of the Using AmeriCorps Approved Vendor Fieldprint and Truescreen Manual.

    • For assistance with grant recipient account-related issues, email the Account Management Team at customerservice@myfieldprint.com or call 888-472-8918, x2440.

    • For assistance with fingerprint scheduling and appointments, email the Applicant Call Center at customerservice@fieldprint.com or call 877-614-4364.

    Upcoming Fieldprint System Enhancements

    In May, the AmeriCorps-approved vendor for FBI fingerprint checks, Fieldprint, added enhancements to its system to capture a grantee’s final adjudication decision. AmeriCorps grantees should have access to two Fieldprint modules, “My Fitness Determination” and “My Fingerprints.” Grantees with Fieldprint accounts are encouraged to log in to their account to confirm they have access to both modules. Grantees who do not have access to both modules should email the Fieldprint account management team at customerservice@myfieldprint.com to request access.

    Additionally, Fieldprint is preparing to launch new fields in the existing modules to support full documentation of the grantee adjudication process.

    • Fitness Determination Viewed By – this field will auto-populate the name of the user who viewed the results in the “myFitnessDetermination” module.

    • Grantee Adjudication Decision Made Date – this field will auto-populate the date the grantee adjudication decision is made. After the Grantee Adjudication Decision of “Pass” or “Fail” is selected and the record is saved and closed, the system will capture and record this date.

    • Grantee Adjudication Decision Made By – this field will auto-populate the name of the user who entered the grantee adjudication decision. After the Grantee Adjudication Decision of “Pass” or “Fail” is selected and the record is saved and closed, the system will capture and record this name.

    These new fields will appear only for new checks ordered after the system updates have gone live. For checks ordered prior to the launch date, these records will not include the additional fields listed above, and grantees should maintain dated documentation of check review and eligibility determination outside of the Fieldprint system.

    AmeriCorps will inform grant recipients of the availability of these system enhancements, as soon as Fieldprint confirms they are live.  Additionally, AmeriCorps will share updates to relevant materials reflecting these enhancements.

    Review the rule, guidance, and FAQs on the Knowledge Network.

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    New (Competitive) Application Due

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    NewCompetitiveTuesday, November 30, 20215:00 PM HSTeGrantshicncs@hawaii.edu**Email additionally required documents